Friday, October 20, 2006

YouTube deletes 30,000 files ... Court blocks request to shut down Spamhaus

News: YouTube deletes 30,000 files on request by Japan
News: Court blocks request to shut Spamhaus domain
News: Vista security discussions off to bad start
News: Samsung quietly launches new ultramobile PCs
Windows Tip: IPsec and Windows Vista
Podcast: Today's IT news audio update
ITwhirled: Top 10 best presentations ever


YouTube deletes 30,000 files on request by Japan
The online video site YouTube has deleted close to 30,000 files after complaints from an organization representing Japanese copyright holders, the organization said Friday.

Court blocks request to shut Spamhaus domain
A U.S. judge has denied an order that would have suspended the domain name for The Spamhaus Project Ltd., averting a potential quagmire over how U.S. legal rulings apply across the global Internet.

Vista security discussions off to bad start
Security vendors looking to gain insight into Microsoft's plans for opening up the Vista operating system kernel were frustrated Thursday morning when a technical glitch kept many from joining the first online discussion of this issue.

Samsung quietly launches new ultramobile PCs
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has quietly two new versions of its Q1 ultramobile PC. Samsung didn't make a formal announcement about the machines' availability but they were noted in its third-quarter earnings report released earlier this week.

Microsoft says reported IE 7 bug not in browser
A flaw that research firm Secunia ApS claimed to have discovered in Internet Explorer 7 just hours after its unveiling is not a browser bug after all, Microsoft Corp. said Thursday. Instead, the problem lies in a component of Microsoft's Outlook Express e-mail client, which can be triggered by the browser.

Storage budgets may not keep up with demand in 2007
Although demand for more storage capacity is a continuing problem for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), only about 37 percent of companies surveyed plan to increase spending on the technology in 2007 according to a forecast released Thursday by industry research firm Gartner Inc.

Rambus expects $200 million hit from stock-options charges
Memory chip technology vendor Rambus Inc. expects to take a $200 million charge to earnings for stock-option backdating.

3Com releases enterprise VOIP phone
3Com Corp. has released a new cordless VOIP (voice over IP) phone, targeted at business customers who tend to move around the office a lot in their jobs.

AMD to ship 65-nanometer chips in Q4
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) is on schedule to deliver its first processors based on its advanced 65-nanometer manufacturing process in the fourth quarter this year.

Wall Street Beat: Earnings cloud hopes
Though some technology bellwethers such as Google Inc., Apple Computer Inc. and IBM Corp. provided bright spots this week, financial reports from heavyweights such as Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Intel Inc. and EMC Corp. clouded prospects for the tech sector for the rest of the year.


IPsec and Windows Vista
By Mitch Tulloch, MTIT Enterprises

The biggest improvement with IPsec in Vista is that it's now easy to work with! Think about trying to use IPsec to secure traffic between your client computers and domain controllers. Have you ever tried that with an existing Windows network? It takes dozens (more likely hundreds) of IPsec filters and rules just to make it work -- if you can ever get it working. Domain and server isolation are great in theory but they're still difficult to implement and maintain on today's Windows networks.

Read the full article here


Daily IT News Audio Update
Reported IE7 bug actually an Outlook Express problem ... Vista security talks off to shaky start ... Google sees Q3 revenue soar higher

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