Monday, October 23, 2006

IBM sues over patents ... AT&T's net income, revenue up in Q3

News: IBM sues over patents
News: AT&T's net income, revenue up in Q3
News: Oracle offers $219 million for MetaSolv
News: Nokia gets second chance to stop Qualcomm
Unix Tip: The directory that wasn't
Podcast: Today's IT news audio update
ITwhirled: The latest to hold a grudge against YouTube: Utube


IBM sues over patents
IBM Corp. is taking Inc. to court, alleging patent infringement against the e-commerce giant. IBM alleges that knowingly exploits its intellectual property by infringing on several patents that cover, among other things: the presentation of applications in an interactive service; the storage of data in an interactive network; the presentation of advertising in an interactive service; and the ordering of items from an electronic catalog.

AT&T's net income, revenue up in Q3
AT&T Inc. reported net income of $2.2 billion for the third quarter of 2006, up significantly from $1.2 billion before SBC Communications Inc. and AT&T Corp. merged last November.

Oracle offers $219 million for MetaSolv
Oracle Corp. has offered to buy MetaSolv Inc., a developer of operations support software for telecommunications service providers, for $219.2 million in cash, the companies said Monday.

Nokia gets second chance to stop Qualcomm
A U.S. court gave Nokia Corp. another chance Friday to hold off one of Qualcomm Inc.'s patent infringement lawsuits.

$100 laptops to roll off production lines in Q2 2007
The $100 laptop PC at the heart of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative aimed at school children in developing countries will start rolling off production lines in the second quarter of next year.

On heels of IE 7 release, Mozilla readies Firefox 2.0
Not to be outdone by Microsoft Corp.'s recent release of Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Corp. is planning the second major release of its rival Firefox browser this week.

EMC refreshes storage line
EMC Corp. is adding new features to some of its storage products, with claims of improved performance, energy efficiency and ease of use, to remain competitive with rivals' offerings.

IBM, 3Com team up on IP telephony
IBM Corp. is collaborating with 3Com Corp. to put IP (Internet Protocol) telephony in an IBM server so small and medium-sized businesses can make phone calls more cheaply without adding extra servers to their networks.

Munich Linux scales desktop management
The City of Munich has developed impressive systems for rolling out and maintaining Linux desktops for large numbers of users, according to a British developer who had a close-up view of the system.

IBM completes ISS buy
IBM Corp. has closed its $1.3 billion acquisition of security vendor Internet Security Systems Inc. The acquisition, which closed Friday, is the fifth-largest in IBM's history.


The directory that wasn't
By Sandra Henry-Stocker

I recently found myself with a directory that didn't contain the standard "." and ".." directories that would have properly tied it into the file system. To fix the immediate problem, I moved the troublesome directory (using mv) and created a new one. When I tried to remove the (then renamed) directory, I found that I couldn't.First, I tried the obvious. I tried removing the directory with rm, rmdir, rm -f and rm -rf. None of these commands worked for me. Here's the process I took to remedy the problem.

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Daily IT News Audio Update
Oracle plans to keep shopping ... EMC updates two storage lines ... 10 million $100 laptops to come from Taiwan manufacturer

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The latest to hold a grudge against YouTube: Utube
Ohio's Universal Tube and Rollerform Equipment Corp. thought that "" would be a good URL. That was before red-hot video-sharing site and recent Google acquisition YouTube burst onto the scene. Now, so many people are mistyping YouTube's URL that Universal Tube and Rollerform's servers are down -- and putting "Utube" into Google brings YouTube up as the top result.

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