Wednesday, July 26, 2006

HP's Mercury buy creates battle of titans ... Google offers click-fraud tool

Today's IT News Audio Update
HP's Mercury buy creates battle of titans with CA, IBM ... Google offers click-fraud tool ... Sun posts loss but boosts revenues


Google introduces click fraud stats
Google Inc. hopes to help make click fraud more transparent with a new feature that offers advertisers reports of invalid clicks, the search giant said on Tuesday.

Trojan cloaks itself as Firefox extension
Security vendor McAfee Inc. has detected a new piece of malicious software that masquerades as part of the Firefox Internet browser.

Sun blames quarterly loss on restructuring fees
Sun Microsystems Inc. posted a loss of $301 million for the fourth quarter, blaming restructuring costs from a tumultuous period of layoffs and plant closings, the company announced Tuesday.

MPA wraps up Red Card with more raids
The Motion Picture Association (MPA) ended its "Operation Red Card" anti-piracy campaign in mid-July, declaring victory and citing a record number of illegal disc and optical disc burner seizures, the industry group said Tuesday.

EDS to merge Indian operations with MphasiS
Electronic Data Systems Corp. (EDS) has decided to merge its Indian services subsidiary with MphasiS BFL Ltd., a listed Indian outsourcer in which EDS acquired a majority share in June, the companies announced Wednesday.


Greatest error message of all time?
Sometimes you use error messages to inform your users about what they can do to fix the problem. Sometimes you use them to let them know what you're doing to fix the problem. And sometimes you use them to pass the buck and get back at your suppliers.

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