Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Google adds traffic to mobile Maps ... EC approves Lucent, Alcatel merger

Today's IT News Audio Update
HP aims networked storage to SMBs, Lucent, Alcatel merger approved by EC


Google adds traffic info to mobile Maps application
Google Inc. has enhanced its Google Maps mobile application by adding traffic information and the ability to save routes. When users enter a route, Google Maps will now indicate traffic flow along the way by tracing segments in green, yellow or red.

SAP to update application maintenance software
SAP AG is updating its software maintenance application designed to help administrators manage upgrades, patches and other changes to the company's software.

Next Debian release to support AMD64 chips
The next release of the Debian Project's Linux distribution will run on Advanced Micro Devices Inc.'s AMD64 processors for the first time, according to the organization's Web site.

Eurid suspends more than 74,000 .eu domain names
Alleged dirty business practices surrounding the registration process for the European Union's new top-level domain (TLD) have resulted in more than 74,000 .eu Web addresses being suspended and 400 registrars sued for breach of contract.

E.U. clears Alcatel-Lucent merger
Lucent Technologies Inc. and Alcatel SA cleared another hurdle to their merger plan after the European Commission approved the proposed deal on Monday.

Motorola to extend popular Razr lineup
Motorola Inc., high on the success of its Razr clamshell phones, unveiled several new devices Monday evening as it kicked off its annual analyst conference in Chicago.

Intel readies flexible WiMax chipset
Intel Corp.'s next-generation chipset for WiMax devices will support either fixed or mobile versions of the wireless broadband technology, and all the equipment vendors that have adopted the company's current product plan to use the new one, Intel said Monday.


Steam-powered iMac
It's not quite the Difference Engine, but steampunk afficianados will appreciate this British art project: the Steam Powered Internet Machine. It's a spiffy new iMac drawing its power from a good old-fashioned steam engine.


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