Monday, February 26, 2007

BitTorrent opens online store for digital media ... Apple, Samsung, Sandisk sued over MP3

News: BitTorrent to open online store for digital media
News: Apple, Samsung, Sandisk sued over MP3
News: Green Grid powers up to save energy
News: Mozilla fixes Firefox bugs
Windows Tip: Windows Vista and GPT disks
Podcast: Today's IT news audio update
ITwhirled: Top 10 fashion suggestions for nerds


BitTorrent to open online store for digital media
BitTorrent Inc. rolled out a paid music and movie download service on Monday, leveraging its fast distribution system infamous for the massive piracy it facilitated when it debuted in 2001.

Apple, Samsung, Sandisk sued over MP3
Little-known Texas MP3 Technologies Ltd. is taking on Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Sandisk Corp. with a patent-infringement lawsuit.

Green Grid powers up to save energy
The Green Grid, a group of technology companies collaborating to improve energy efficiency in data centers, is officially open for business as of Monday.

Mozilla fixes Firefox bugs
Mozilla Corp. has released an update to its Firefox browser, fixing a number of security flaws in the product.

Toshiba's HD DVD-R laptop goes on sale
The first laptop computer to feature an HD DVD-R drive, Toshiba Corp.'s Qosmio Q30, went on sale in Japan over the weekend.

Google tweaks Chinese search engine with more features
Google Inc. may be steadily losing market share in China to rival Inc., but the company is not giving up, adding several new features to its search engine, including some capabilities that are not available on

BenQ Mobile to be split up and sold
Attempts to find an investor for bankrupt German mobile phone maker BenQ Mobile GmbH & Co. OHG have failed, after the last potential buyer ended negotiations, the company's insolvency administrator said Sunday.

E.C. warns Germany on broadband competition
The European Commission said Monday that it has threatened the German government with legal action unless it scraps a new law that protects Deutsche Telekom AG from competition in the broadband Internet access market.

Skype asks FCC to force open mobile networks
Skype Ltd. is looking to a 1968 ruling by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to open up the country's mobile phone industry for "unlocked" devices and third-party applications -- such as Skype.

Researchers: Second Google desktop attack possible
Google Inc.'s PC search software is vulnerable to a variation on a little-known Web-based attack called anti-DNS (Domain Name System) pinning, that could give an attacker access to any data indexed by Google Desktop, security researchers said this week.


Windows Vista and GPT disks
By Mitch Tulloch, MTIT Enterprises

Windows Vista supports two types of disk partitioning: Master Boot Record (MBR) and Globally Unique Identifier Partition Table (GPT). GPT disks offer several advantages over MBR disks including more partitions (128 instead of 4) and larger partition sizes (theoretically up to 18 exabytes or about 18 million terabytes). But before you run out and get a zillion terabyte drive for your Vista workstation so you can store all your YouTube videos, you need to know the following.

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Daily IT News Audio Update
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