Tuesday, January 30, 2007

PS3 price cut pulls down Sony profits ... Google upgrades Mini workplace search device

News: Gates: Vista key to multimedia computing era
News: PlayStation 3 price cut pulls down Sony profits
News: Google upgrades Mini workplace search device
News: Hitachi provides liquid-cooling system for HP machine
Opinion: RFID Chips: Not in my arm!
Podcast: Today's IT news audio update
ITwhirled: Dim-witted thieves steal GPS


Gates: Vista key to multimedia computing era
Just as Windows 95 ushered in the Internet era, Windows Vista, which will be released to U.S. consumers at midnight on Tuesday, sets the stage for the multimedia hub the PC is set to become in the future, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said Monday in New York.

PlayStation 3 price cut pulls down Sony profits
Sony Corp.'s core electronics business more than doubled profits in the last quarter of 2006, but failed to offset price cuts to its PlayStation 3 game console, leading to an overall profit decline of just over 5 percent, the company said Tuesday.

Google upgrades Mini workplace search device
Google Inc. has improved the security and search features of its Mini search device, a hardware box with Google software aimed at small and medium-sized companies and at departments within large organizations.

Hitachi provides liquid-cooling system for HP machine
Hitachi Ltd. will supply a liquid-cooling system for one of Hewlett-Packard Co.'s high-end computer models, reducing the noise generated by the machine. Hitachi's liquid-cooling system moves the fan found on the CPU heat sink in a typical computer, putting in on the computer's chassis where it can create more air flow while running slower and quieter.

Ballmer dispels notion that Vista is last client OS
Microsoft Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Steve Ballmer on Monday attempted to end rumors that Windows Vista will be the last Windows client OS, claiming that Microsoft has "plenty more where that came from" at a press event to mark the consumer launch of the new OS and Office 2007 in New York.

Open-source BI player gets internationalized
Open-source business intelligence software vendor JasperSoft Corp. is set to unveil the final piece in its BI suite, JasperETL, after signing its first full-blown original equipment manufacturer (OEM) deal with French vendor Talend. At the same time, the U.S. company will commit to complete internationalization of its entire BI suite.

Virus located in TomTom GPS systems
If you've picked up a TomTom GPS (global positioning system) over the past few months, you may have bought more than you bargained for. TomTom International BV confirmed Monday that some of its latest GO 910 devices have shipped with a virus pre-installed.


RFID Chips: Not in my arm!
By Dan Blacharski

RFID technology is here to stay, and in its most benign form, brings a lot of advantages. But there are two things to make clear: First, despite industry claims to the contrary, RFID is not a secure technology, and it should never be used to track anything sensitive. Second, it should never be used on people, or in personal identification of any type. But regrettably, our government is moving away from being one which values the privacy of its citizenry, and seems bound to push this technology into places where it has no business being.


Daily IT News Audio Update
Vista not the last client OS for Microsoft ... PC makers hope to cash in on Vista ... AT&T IPTV service delayed by software problems


Dim-witted thieves steal GPS
Note to aspiring criminals: Stealing something that can detect its own location -- and report that location back to a central server -- is a really, really bad idea.


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