Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cisco offers $830 million for IronPort ... Patch issued for OpenOffice

News: Cisco offers $830 million for IronPort
News: Patch issued for WMF vulnerability
News: SanDisk releases 32G-byte drive for notebooks
News: Disk-makers join to push flash-embedded drives
Tip: VPN and domain authentication
ITwhirled: Ten best geek quotes


Cisco offers $830 million for IronPort
Cisco Systems Inc. has agreed to buy IronPort Systems Inc., a developer of e-mail and Web security products, for $830 million.

Patch issued for WMF vulnerability
A patch has been widely released for a vulnerability in the productivity suite, a problem rated as "highly critical" by one security vendor.

SanDisk releases 32G-byte drive for notebooks
SanDisk Corp. has launched a 32G-byte solid-state drive using flash memory chips, intended as a replacement for conventional hard disk drives.

CES: Disk-makers join to push flash-embedded drives
The five largest manufacturers of hard-disk drives will work together to promote a new technology that promises to improve system performance, the companies said Thursday.

Google nets search deal with China Mobile
Google Inc. has signed a deal to provide mobile search services for China's biggest mobile phone operator, China Mobile Ltd., the company announced Thursday.

CES: LG to show dual HD DVD/Blu-ray player
LG Electronics Inc. will soon begin selling a high-definition video disc player compatible with both the HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc standards, it said Thursday.

OLPC aims for mass production in third quarter
One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) plans to conclude its third build of the laptop by early April, finalizing any last-minute engineering tweaks and hopes to begin mass production of its low-cost notebooks aimed at children in developing nations in August or September.


VPN and domain authentication
By Mitch Tulloch, MTIT Enterprises

If your enterprise has multiple small offices but only one domain
controller at each office, how will users at one of your sites log on
if their domain controller goes down? One common approach is to have
users make a VPN connection to one of the other offices using PPPoE
over DSL and authenticate with the domain controller there.


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Anonymous said...

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The spectacular gains from the oil industry—SNP, PTR, and CEO gained 92.2%, 79.2 and 44.1%, respectively in 2006—are unlikely to repeat. Earnings of these companies are subject to international oil prices and we don’t expect the crude oil run-up of 2006 being surpassed in 2007.
Looking back to 2006, one of the lessons Chinese stock investors learned is that you don’t have to take high risk to achieve stellar returns. Small cap NASDAQ listed names, the most risky of the U.S. listed Chinese stock universe, are dominant among the worst stocks of 2006. Eye-catchy, fancy names or sound business models alone were not enough to support stock prices anymore. The erosion of eLong Inc. (LONG) from rival (CTRP) is clearly the result of delivering results versus showing potential. The weak performance of the wireless value added services sector indicate that the “blink-blink” is over.

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