Monday, November 06, 2006

Microsoft vulnerability rooted in ActiveX control ... MySpace launches Japanese version

News: Microsoft vulnerability rooted in ActiveX control
News: MySpace launches Japanese version
News: Wikipedia hijacked by malware
News: Aruba upgrades products for 'VoFi'
Interview: Security basics: Why process matters
Podcast: Today's IT news audio update
ITwhirled: FTC's Buddy Builder game teaches social-networking safety


Microsoft vulnerability rooted in ActiveX control
Microsoft Corp. is investigating reports of a vulnerability in a Windows ActiveX control that could allow an attacker to remotely take control of a computer, according to an advisory issued Friday. One security company rated the vulnerability critical, while Microsoft said it allowed only limited attacks.

MySpace launches Japanese version
News Corp. launched a Japanese version of its MySpace social networking service Monday. The Japanese service becomes the sixth national version and fourth language version of the service.

Wikipedia hijacked by malware
Malware writers have used a Wikipedia article and special storage features to attempt to plant malicious code on unsuspecting users' systems, the online encyclopedia's organizers have confirmed.

Aruba upgrades products for 'VoFi'
Aruba will support voice-quality links on office WLANs, disputing competitors' claims that the job needs a whole new architecture.

DriveSentry offers 'firewall' for storage drives
A Mountain View, California, startup company has developed what it calls a storage "firewall" to prevent computer viruses from wrecking the data on desktop computers.


Security basics: Why process matters
'The best technology in the world, not used properly, becomes completely worthless and works against you because it gives you a false sense of security,' says Ira Winkler, author of Spies Among Us and President of Internet Security Advisor's Group. In this interview, Winkler discusses why security is primarily a process issue.


Daily IT News Audio Update
Red Hat decries Microsoft-Novell Linux alliance ... Microsoft cans Codename Max project ... Sony expands PS3 launch plans

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FTC's Buddy Builder game teaches social-networking safety
The FTC has launched an online quiz-show style game called Buddy Builder to test users' abilities to spot potential threats on social networking Web sites. In the game, players move through rounds by correctly reacting to common requests found on social networking sites. For example, when the game asks: 'Accept or Deny: Wazzup? I think I know U -- send me your pic (in swimsuit, pls!)?' the correct response (obviously we hope) is to deny the request.

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