Thursday, September 07, 2006

SEC plans 'action' over corruption at Lucent China ... E.U. criticized for action against Microsoft

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HP board member resigns over handling of investigation into media leaks... Sony reduces shipment forecast for PlayStation 3 ... SEC warnsLucent it plans to take action over corruption at Chinese operations


News: E.U. criticized for action against Microsoft
News: IBM will build new Department of Energy supercomputer
News: SEC plans 'action' over corruption at Lucent China
News: HP offers Integrity servers with Montecito chips
Tip: Scripting multiple Outlook windows
ITwhirled: Betrayed by a cell phone


E.U. criticized for action against Microsoft
Four European Parliament members warned the European Commission that itsactions toward Microsoft Corp. could endanger the competitiveness ofEuropean businesses by delaying the release of Vista, Microsoft's nextoperating system.

IBM will build new Department of Energy supercomputer
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) chose IBM Corp. to build a newsupercomputer for its Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, IBMannounced Wednesday.

SEC plans 'action' over corruption at Lucent China
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) warned LucentTechnologies Inc. to expect an "enforcement action" over violations ofthe Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) by executives at its Chineseoperations.

HP offers Integrity servers with Montecito chips
Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) is launching two servers using Intel Corp.'snew dual-core Itanium chip in a bid to gain market traction for thetroubled Itanium line.

Mobile phones to get PVR features next year
Watching TV on a mobile phone could get more interesting next year withnew technologies that promise to bring TiVo-like recording functionalityto portable devices.

SAP, Cisco ramp up their partnership
Enterprise applications vendor SAP AG and networking company CiscoSystems Inc. are touting their new marketing alliance on governance,risk and compliance (GRC) business processes as a major milestone intheir 18-month-old partnership.

Hutchison's 3G growth slows, customers top 13.5 million
Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. now serves over 13.5 million 3G(third-generation) mobile phone customers worldwide, but the rate atwhich it adds new users has slowed down substantially.

Microsoft aims to patent verb-conjugation technology
Any U.S. high school student who has struggled through verb conjugationsin Spanish class knows how hard it can be to keep all of the verb formsstraight when trying to learn a new language. Now Microsoft Corp. hasfiled a patent for a technology that may help by automaticallyconjugating verbs in various languages.

PC hard disk system warns of Tsunamis
Governments seeking inexpensive technology to warn of tsunamis could beinterested in a free software application that monitors vibrations inthe hard disks of computers in an attempt to detect the underseaearthquakes that cause tsunamis.


Scripting multiple Outlook windows
By Mitch Tulloch, MTIT Enterprises

Most knowledge workers in enterprise environments live by MicrosoftOutlook. Email is so important for today's businesses that getting themost out of using Outlook is essential for job effectiveness.

One complaint I used to have about Outlook 2003 was that I could onlyopen one copy of the program at a time. Double-click on the Outlookshortcut on the desktop, and an Outlook window opens. Double-click onthe same shortcut again and nothing happens. This frustrates me becauseI could manage my email more efficiently if I could have multipleOutlook windows open, one displaying my general Inbox, another my Urgentfolder where I route mail that's flagged as important, another my folderwhere I route mail for a big project I'm working on, and so on. It'sgreat to be able to create rules in Outlook that will route incomingmessages to whatever folders they should be directed, but I'd like tohave these folders always visible on my desktop so I can easily see newmessages arriving in each folder.


Betrayed by a cell phone
As the line between cell phones and PDAs blurs, a lot of people havesome pretty sensitive stuff on their phones: business deals, illicitlove notes, and so on. But just because you delete that informationbefore you throw the phone away doesn't mean it's all gone forever.

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