Monday, August 07, 2006

Google to run MTV video clips with ads ... AOL search data released

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Sun lays off workers around the world .. Another Cisco vulnerability unearthed ... Google flags dangerous Web sites


News: Google to distribute MTV video clips with ads
News: AOL search data reportedly released
News: VMware virtualizes Mac OS
News: FBI: Cybercriminals taking cues from Mafia
TopCoder: Try this week's coding problem ... MultiRead
ITwhirled: When you need more help than the help desk can give


Google to distribute MTV video clips with ads
In continuing efforts to expand its online advertising business, Google Inc. will distribute ad-supported video content from Viacom International Inc.'s MTV Networks to Web sites in its extensive advertising network.

AOL search data reportedly released
AOL LLC has apparently released details of Internet searches performed over a period of three months by hundreds of thousands of its subscribers, raising privacy concerns.

VMware virtualizes Mac OS
Market-leading OS virtualization company VMWare has confirmed it intends exhibiting virtualization software for Intel Macs at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.

FBI: Cybercriminals taking cues from Mafia
The Web site offered to sell stolen credit card information for US$100, but it was the title of the poster that caught FBI agent Thomas X Grasso Jr.'s attention. The cybercriminal identified himself as a "Capo di capo" -- a boss of bosses, in Mafia parlance.

IBM determined to evolve mainframe into SOA server
As more and more companies adopt service-oriented architecture (SOA), IBM plans to evolve its mainframes into SOA servers and recently bared new software and developer plans to achieve this goal.

Security guru lays into database vendors
Noted security researcher David Litchfield has again panned the state of database security, revealing another clutch of vulnerabilities in the software of a major vendor.


This week's problem: MultiRead (Level 1)
In many computer systems, multiple processes can read from the same resource during the same clock cycle, but only a single process can write to the resource during a clock cycle. Reads and writes cannot be mixed during the same clock cycle. Given a history of the reads and writes that occurred during a particular computation as a String trace, and an int procs representing the number of processes used by the computation, calculate the minimum duration of the computation in clock cycles. The trace represents each read as an 'R' and each write as a 'W'.


When you need more help than the help desk can give
Computerworld's Web site has a feature called the Help Desk, where readers can alert the editors about problems with the site or ask questions about how to use it. However, some people have bigger issues: they need printer drivers, advice on e-mail scams, and for Major League Baseball to recognize them as legitimate prospects.

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