Friday, July 21, 2006

Google toolbar scam spreads trojan ... Dell warns on profits

Daily IT News Audio Update
India relents on blog blocking ... Google toolbar scam spreads trojan ... Dell warns on profits


News: Dell warns of lower Q2 profits amid slowing sales
News: Motorola to integrate Yahoo software in mobile phones
News: Microsoft sees 15 million Xbox 360 sales by mid-2007
News: Fake Google site hides Trojan horse
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Dell warns of lower Q2 profits amid slowing sales
Dell Inc. said on Thursday that it expects profits for its second quarter to be lower than expected, blaming what it called "aggressive pricing and slow commercial sales worldwide."

Motorola to integrate Yahoo software in mobile phones
Yahoo Inc. has now signed up the two biggest handset manufacturers to load its Yahoo Go for Mobile services on their phones, after an announcement with Motorola Inc. on Thursday.

Microsoft sees 15 million Xbox 360 sales by mid-2007
Microsoft Corp. Thursday forecast its Xbox 360 game console sales will total as many as 15 million by the end of its fiscal 2007, which ends June 30 of next year.

Fake Google site hides Trojan horse
Scammers have set up an exact copy of the download page for Google’s Toolbar plug-in in an attempt to lure users to download a Trojan backdoor.

Microsoft revenue up, but profits down for Q4
Strong sales of the Xbox 360 and SQL Server 2005 helped Microsoft Corp. end its fiscal year on a bit of a high note Thursday, though income was down due to expenses and legal charges.

AMD misses earnings target despite Opteron sales
Growing demand for its Opteron server chips pushed Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) to greater second quarter profits, but the company failed to meet financial analyst expectations.

Wall Street Beat: Earnings give rollercoaster ride
Mixed quarterly reports from high-tech vendors made for a stomach-churning ride in the markets this week, but strong earnings from Google Inc., IBM Corp. and Apple Computer Inc. and some good news from Microsoft Corp., among other companies, gave heart to IT investors.

Google exceeds Wall Street's forecast in Q2
Google Inc. topped financial analysts' revenue and pro-forma earnings expectations in its second quarter, which ended June 30, the Mountain View, California, company said Thursday.


Geek comic of the week: The Adventures of Pathos and Bathos
This one's kind of hard to describe, but imagine those ancient Greek smiley-and-frowny masks (you know, the universal symbols of drama) locked in an antagonistic relationship that they work through with lots of philosophical discussions against an increasingly surreal series of clip-art backgrounds. Oh, and lots of swearing. And attempts at strangling. And bicycle helmets made out of meat.

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