Thursday, June 22, 2006

Novell ousts CEO ... Third Excel attack posted ... Sun starts standards war

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Congress investigates data brokers ... Microsoft aims at single sign-on ... Novell ousts CEO


News: Novell board ousts CEO Messman
News: Intel CEO: No restructuring news until July
News: Third Microsoft Excel attack posted
News: Sun starts storage standards war
Opinion: Hidden Collaboration Applications
ITwhirled: Tales from the trenches


Novell board ousts CEO Messman
Novell Inc.'s board of directors has ousted Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jack Messman and Chief Financial Officer Joseph Tibbetts in a move to accelerate growth at the company, Novell announced Thursday.

Intel CEO: No restructuring news until July
Intel Corp. plans additional restructuring, but is unlikely to announce them until next month, Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini said Thursday.

Third Microsoft Excel attack posted
Excel users have one more reason to worry. On Tuesday, a hacker published code that takes advantage of an unpatched flaw in the Microsoft Corp. spreadsheet software, the third such exploit to be disclosed in the past week.

Sun starts storage standards war
Sun has left Aperi, the IBM-led open source storage management initiative, causing a big fracture in the world of storage standards.

Microsoft plans link between directory, Live services
Microsoft Corp. is planning to sync its Active Directory with its Live Web-based services to give users single sign on for applications and services both inside a company network and on the Web.

Data brokers tell Congress they serve necessary role
Companies that sell private data are necessary even though some sell telephone call records to anyone who will pay for them, two long-time data brokers told a U.S. congressional committee Wednesday.


Hidden Collaboration Applications
By James Gaskin

How many ad-hoc workgroups are in your company? How many of them use applications developed or purchased by the company? There are probably many more of the first and many fewer of the second than you realize.

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