Thursday, June 15, 2006 takes on Digg ... Microsoft gives an ActiveX reprieve


News: Motorola and others to launch mobile Linux group
News: Microsoft gives ActiveX reprieve to some customers
News: Netscape Web portal morphs into 'social news' site
Opinion: June's coolest gadgets
Podcast: Today's IT news audio update
ITwhirled: Do you have the Genghis gene?


Motorola and others to launch mobile Linux group
A group of top mobile phone makers and operators are launching a foundation to create an open Linux-based software platform for mobile devices, they said on Thursday.

Microsoft gives ActiveX reprieve to some customers
Users who are unprepared for changes that Microsoft Corp. has made to the way its Internet Explorer browser handles ActiveX can get a reprieve, the company said Wednesday.

Netscape Web portal morphs into 'social news' site
AOL LLC has retooled its portal as a "social news" Web site where users and staffers can post, vote for, tag and review articles.

Google announces U.S. government search site
Google Inc. unveiled a search site Thursday designed to take the frustration out of trying to find U.S. government information.

Alcatel revises SME convergence product
The latest update of Alcatel's OmniPCX Office server, the fifth for the product, includes IP telephony on a local wireless network, a PC based attendant console and a SIP network interface.

Harnessing resources with collaborative development
In today's networked enterprise, development managers can easily harness resources from any location. Collaborative development platforms allow developers -- scattered around company locations, working from home, or with partner organizations -- to contribute to projects the same way they would from a central site.

OPINION: June's coolest gadgets
When the new ultra-mobile PCs were being unveiled at Cebit in Germany in March, who'd have guessed that Sony Corp. had the neat, little UX50 up its sleeves? The diminutive computer is the smallest Vaio computer yet and runs Windows XP. It's about the size of a paperback book and has a touchscreen display and full keyboard.

PODCAST: Daily IT News Audio Update
HP intros new blade design ... US lawmakers question VA security problems ... relaunched as social news site

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ITWHIRLED: Do you have the Genghis gene?
While he was busy conquering huge swaths of Asia and the Middle East, Genghis Khan took some time out to father so many children that scientists are fairly confident they can identify his male descendants by their Y chromosome. The latest individual to discover that he's in the Mongolian imperial family is an accounting professor in Miami. Genghis would be so proud!

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